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Radio is Remarkable 

Radio is everywhere – at home, on the road, in smart phones, at work.

It is everything – music, news, sports, entertainment, culture, politics.


While the challenges radio faces are many, radio’s unique power to evolve is legendary. We can help you tap into this power to
increase profit and position in your market.

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PH1L puts the 1 in your team

Nobody knows the unique opportunities and challenges facing your market and station like you do. But when it makes sense to have outside counsel provide a different point of view to amplify your knowledge and expertise, PH1L knows how to make your team shine.


PH1L has spent more time at the top than

Garth Brooks and The Beatles combined 

In his roles as a Music Director and then Program Director

PH1L founder Phil Kallsen was part of teams that reigned at number one for most of his career. He knows what it takes to get there,
and how to help your team reach the top.​

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When PH1L talks number 1 with a bullet
he’s talking profit margins

Chart topping profit margins are vital. We can help you manage cost control while maintaining a high level of compelling content creation.

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Radio is fast. PH1L is faster.

Radio’s ability to rapidly adapt and evolve is a powerful advantage. We work with you and your team to develop solutions to help you achieve impact quickly.


PH1L is the Phil Jackson of radio talent


Growing the right talent is more effective than buying it.
PH1L knows how to coach winners.


What PH1L does

PH1L works with you and your team to develop solid solutions to fit your needs,
taking your knowledge and expertise to a new level. When we work together, you can avoid cookie cutter solutions and find effective ways to give your station a unique and powerful advantage.


Fans of PH1L

Robyn Adair, Morning Radio Host

I have worked with and for Phil for the vast majority of my 35+ years in broadcasting and can easily say that I have never worked for anyone better. He is passionate, creative, principled, incredibly supportive and will go above and beyond to give you the tools you need to achieve your goals.  

Paul Brandt, Member, Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame

I’ve watched and learned from the sidelines for years as Phil Kallsen has delivered masterfully.
Whether it was steering the powerhouse Country 105 in Calgary, pioneering the Alberta Children’s Hospital Radiothon,
or giving caring, truthful advice to a burgeoning young country singer 25 years ago, Phil understands strategy, communication and engagement as only a true leader can.

Billie Lamb, Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation

Phil dared to take a modest idea and turn it into something bigger than we ever imagined it could be. That took courage. It also required vision and the ability to inspire his team to be just as bold. Seventeen years later, our community unites around genuine, heartfelt storytelling at its best. We get to be reminded of who we are as friends and good neighbours. Today, Calgary leads North America in its radiothon generosity and tens of thousands of children and families who rely on care from the Alberta Children’s Hospital are better for it. We remain ever grateful.

Steve Coady, Vice President, Radio Promotion, Warner Music 

I have known Phil for almost 20 years. Phil welcomed me to his genre with an attitude of acceptance and education that has led to many successes - both for the many artists Warner represents and for me personally. His knowledge of, passion for and connections in the Radio and Music worlds is indisputable. The many awards he has won are a testament to how highly he is regarded. In addition, his ability to guide and mentor younger talent is witnessed by the countless people who have worked with and for Phil who have gone on to have successful careers.

Nikki Harris, Promotions and Marketing Manager, Country 105 

Phil Kallsen is the leader you want to have, and the leader you want to become. He sets the bar high, and then joins

in the trenches to get to the finish line. His leadership took us outside the box with the massive multi-year/multi-market Tennessee Takeover promotion. And his compassion for community defied all logic to pioneer one of North America’s most successful radiothons, raising tens of millions for the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Phil is an industry leader who is driven by the right combination of strategy, experience and a keen gut instinct earned over many years of proven success.


The 411 on PH1L


PH1L founder Phil Kallsen was Program Director at CKRY (Country 105) and CFGQ (Q107) in Calgary from 1999 - 2020.

  • Built Country 105 into a leading FM radio brand in Calgary achieving high ratings while meeting or exceeding annual revenue goals​.

  • Nominated several times for Program Director of the Year by Canadian Music Week for outstanding ratings success and industry leadership of Country 105 and Q107.

  • Country 105 had the highest profit margins in the organization due to both careful cost control while maintaining a high level of compelling content creation.

  • Recreated Q107 from an old-style classic rock music station to a more contemporary rock station, including the innovative “Willie in the Morning” show simultaneously airing in Calgary and Vancouver. This cost-effective solution also resulted in increased market share and higher revenue.

  • Implemented the Caring for Kids Radiothon, the most successful radiothon in North America. Over the years it has raised over $35,000,000.

Music Director/Asst. Program Director CKRY (Country 105) Calgary

  • Selected and scheduled the music for CKRY and worked with the program director to schedule and coach the on-air talent. Received 5 Music Director of the Year Awards from the Canadian Country Music Association.

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PH1L has seen the future and it is good


The power of radio to successfully adapt and evolve is remarkable.

We would love to help you harness this power
to take your station to the top.



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